Web Design

It is not only imperative to have a cutting-edge, high-quality site but also one that is unique—tailored around your specific content and navigation needs. A good design is both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly making access to information more straightforward. An updated navigation design will improve your users’ access to information allowing them to find information easily, making their visit more effective.

Content Management

We understand many businesses have information on their sites that needs to be updated on a regular basis. Gruseldog is proud to offer the latest in web-design innovations including content management through a secure administration log-in and easy to use forms. With this feature, you will be able to access and change the information on specified pages of your site at your convenience. A website with current information provides a dependable source that users are more likely to revisit. Administrative options can be extended to any area of the site, and we will work with you to determine their most cost-efficient use.

Electronic Exposure

We offer the ability to mass email custom newsletters and/or announcements to specific mailing lists through your site. The email administration area can include member lists mangement, with exporting and importing features. This enables you to send emails specifically pertaining to, say, employee or customer mailing lists. Since many people check email daily, this form of advertisement provides an opportunity for increased traffic to your site, and your services.

There are now large amounts of users on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We are able to teach and get you set up on these social networks! Putting a 30 second video about your product or service can really help with search engine optimization.

Hosting, Domains, and Emails

Hosting and domain services will be provided through a large North American host, who offers affordable, reliable plans ideal for small businesses. 24/7 support is provided, and no set up fee or annual commitment is required. The low fee in no way compromises the quality of the hosting service received.

Custom Programs / Applications

From order and report tracking to custom shopping carts and catalogs, we can develop custom applications the meet your needs. Any variety of product and/or service fees, as well as dues can be collected through your site. Our programs can be imported into popular accounting software to cut down on double entry in accounting. We can also develop custom accounts/receivable applications with various security levels. Any process that could help out your business, please be sure to ask, and I'm sure we'd be able to help.

Visitor Tracking

Visitor tracking is an important analytical tool. With our search engine optimization, we can get your site exposed! Each page we develop includes these features!

We specialize in development for:
      Appraisal Institute Chapters
      Real Estate Appraisers
      Appraisal Coalitions

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. In our world technology changes daily. We are always watching what is new and up coming. We are confident that we can both meet and exceed your expectations!