Web Design / Redesign

A website functions as your storefront, make sure you don’t just blend in! Image is important. It is not only imperative to have a cutting-edge, high-quality site but also one that is unique—tailored around your specific content and navigation needs. Gruseldog firmly believes in maintaining a distinct, personalized look and uses top-of-the line graphic designers that have work experience with well-known, national companies. A good design is both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly making access to information more straightforward. An updated navigation design will improve your users’ access to information allowing them to find information easily, making their visit more effective. With optimized search engine features, your professional image is project.

Report Tracking

Cut down on phone time, set up automatic email notifications, update and access info from anywhere securely, including your PDA! Online ordering lets clients easily request an appraisal and track it from start to finish, without leaving their desk or placing a phone call. Anyone can place an order; however we have additional features to offer to reoccurring clients. Your clients can have secure log in allowing them to place orders on their custom form and check status on their recent reports. We can custom your order form for various users, say, various loan officers, making it just a little easier for them to place an order with you. It is important to keep your clients up-to-date. A website with current information provides a dependable source that users will revisit to check on the latest report status. Placing this information online, helps decrease the amount of phone time needed to keep your clients happy. Gruseldog is proud to offer the latest in web-design innovations including content management through a secure administration log-in. Managing and updating your content will be in your hands and will allow your site to reflect up-to-the-minute changes. Easy-to-use forms will allow authorized users to update content such as date inspected, verbal, and date mailed. Administrative options can be extended to any area of the site.

Accounts Receivable/Payable

Automatic `human error’ checks help watch every report,(and every dime. If you’ve paid an appraiser on a file, our program will double check to make sure you are invoicing your client. This service also allows the accounting to be separate from the appraisal program. With everything kept on a separate server, if there was a fire at your office, your files would be saved, and best of all, your invoice records.

Custom Comparable Database

We set up custom comparable databases to have the fields you need, and export the data the way you want. Tired of having to rearrange the comparable data you export to narratives. We can set up a custom comparable database to have the fields you need, and exports the data the way you want. Storing your information on a virtual server allows you to access your database, through a secure login, from anywhere.

Office Link Organization

Everyone in the office use the same links? Having a secure area for your appraisers to access all of the helpful links can aid in getting a report turned around quikcer. Flood maps, census tracts, and other information can be a bit to keep track of, especially with thedifferent counties. Here all your appraisers can access organized links on any computer. and much more!

Our extensive appraisal process knowledge allows us to provide upgraded features particular to your services. Some of the updated features of the proposed site could include fee tracking, comparable databases, logo design, post card and business card layouts, USPAP form requirements, mass emailer to send custom newsletters and/or announcements to specific mailing lists, frequently asked question bank containing those questions commonly asked by appraiser’s clients, and much more. Of course, we will work closely with you to determine which features will best suit your needs in order to provide both a professional image and the important information you want to relay to your users. Through our expertise we can apply automated features making your job easier.

appraiser presentation - march 20, 2008 (pdf)

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